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Siemens AG
ID OI 34
Sankt Martin Str. 76
D-81541 Munic

Tel +49 89 4133 2222
Fax +49 89 4133 1915

Email franke@scn.de
X.400: c=DE, a=DBP, p=SCN, o=SIEMENS, ou1=MCH1, ou2=P4, s=Franke, g=Hans

Tecnical Data (only German)

Some WWW-Pages I like.

Important: I'm looking for any kind of old computers (ok, mainly microprocessor powered, but if you got an Cray-XMP in your backyard - let's talk about) for my collection. Especialy unusal models (i.e. multi user systems based on i4004). If you are about to throw one away, I will show you a proper garbage can (for a list of my computers).

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